Take a moment to explore some past projects produced by winemi. Get inspired on ways we can help make your business even better. We are excited to engineer something custom to your needs.

Michigan Wine Collaborative

This is a very concise presentation of our work produced for the Michigan Wine Collaborative. To see our extensive catalog of work please visit the MWC website and social media accounts.

Vintage Michigan Wine Club

Peruse the work created for the re-branding and marketing of the new Vintage Michigan wine club. To explore the full catalog visit the Vintage Michigan Instagram.

Great Lakes Sustainable Wine Alliance

The Great Lakes Sustainable Wine Alliance is poised to become the essential certification for vineyard and wine production sustainability standards of the Great Lakes Region and beyond. This is an on going project so stay tuned for upcoming certification announcements and promotions.

Lawton Ridge Winery

Lawton Ridge Winery is the premium wine producer of Kalamazoo. This winery is credited to the entrance of winemi into the Michigan wine industry. We will always thank them for their dedication and inspiration. Check out some of the work we have created for Lawton Ridge.

Dr. Croom Army Vet

Dr. Croom provided winemi its first exploration into a world outside of the grape and wine industries. We are so excited to be working with such an innovative, woman and veteran owned business from SW MI. We also love that Dr. Croom practices holistic medicine and creates her own natural tinctures for relief of a multitude of ailments. If you are in the area and have a fur baby you love consider Dr. Croom Army Vet for your veterinary medicine needs. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

Charlevoix Moon Artisan Wine


Let’s get started!

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