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winemi is an innovative marketing, consulting, and all around do it all resource with deep roots in the Michigan wine industry. We possess a strong background in keeping up with global wine trends and retail sales management as well as marketing skills from social media maintenance to graphic design work. Even better? We have experience in areas ranging from viticulture, enology, retail, wine business and non profit administration. Our range is expanding daily. We are a small, women owned social media/express marketing firm specializing in MI wine, women and BIPOC owned businesses, agriculture, and innovative businesses. Slide in our DM, email, or text any time inspiration strikes you. Consider us an On Demand collaborating platform. We’ll consider you a friend. 

With over 5 years of retail wine buying and consulting experience emi has cornered the monopoly on innovation driven integration of Michigan wines into the global wine stage via a small outlet found in that of Harding’s stores in Southwest Michigan. This position was a catalyst when breaking into the Michigan wine industry. From the introduction of Dean Bender from Lawton Ridge Vineyards and Winery emi found a mentor and a new life path. With Dean’s encouragement emi pursued a degree from Lake Michigan College’s Enology & Viticulture program. This was her true entry point into for a fast paced career servicing the Michigan wine industry. Having experience in the vineyard, the cellar, and the retail sales floor has formed emi into a Michigan wine marketing expert. From this experience emi’s most accomplished consulting and marketing management achievement blossomed. As project and marketing director for the Michigan Wine Collaborative emi has curated a network of like minded Michigan wine enthusiasts, professionals, activists, artists, and more as well as consistently securing Michigan wines on the same global wine stage mentioned before but on a macro level in comparison. We want to add you to emi’s bio! What can we succeed at next?

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